Monday, 11 September 2017

Timaya Open Up Says, “I Once Lived With An Older Woman Who Used Me As Her Sex Slave”

Nigerian Top Singer, Timaya says he once lived with an older woman who used him as a sex toy in exchange for food and shelter.

Timaya in an interview with PUNCH, said he came from a comfortable family, but as a rebel, he always ran away from home.
He added that he always dreamt big and believed he would make it one day.
The Bayelsa born artiste said;
“I was born into a fairly comfortable family but I was a rebel and I often ran away from home. I once lived in Port Harcourt with a woman who was older than me and she used me like I was a sex toy.

I had to service her whenever she had the urge in exchange for food and a roof over my head. However, I have always dreamed big. Despite my travails, I never let go of my aspirations while believing that one day, I would make it big.”