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Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning – What Millions Of People Dont Know!

We can generally get the substance of them when we talk about lemons! We feel the cruelty of them on our tongue. Consider when you eat a lemon. You make that engaging shaking improvement, your lips pucker up and your eyes may water.

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C and you can get your every day essential standard of Vitamin from crisp lemon juice can without much of a stretch. Lemons are likewise loaded with                  potassium,magnesium and copper and fantastic electrolytes. 

Lemons are sharp. In any case, they are likewise so advantageous for our well-being and to appreciate lemons there is a decent way, and a heavenly and scrumptious route.The thing around a lemon is that you need to appreciate the medical advantage of the WHOLE lemon.

This incorporates the peel. So on the off chance that you are requesting high temp water with lemon cuts in an eatery it won’t be so gainful as the accompanying
Just take a couple of lemons and squeeze them into a cup of water to make this lemon water recipe. Grate some of them into a zest and add the zest to your water. Then, into a mug place the rest of the lemons and fill it with water. Mix them well and your drink is ready.

By balancing the acidity in your stomach this drink can aids digestion. It helps you store insulin and absorb food. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C so they are also boosting your immune system and metabolism.

5 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side

Sleep is the ultimate stress reliever. Hence, it is important for you to get at least 8 hours of sleep according to a majority of experts. While sleep duration is extremely important, sleep position is essential as well.
The best sleep position is your left side, here are reasons you should henceforth sleep this way.

Aids digestion 
The stomach usually sits on the left side of the body. Since this is the case, sleeping on the left allows waste products to freely pass through the intestines to the colon. Lying on the right side makes the digestive process a bit more difficult.

Relieves back pain 
One of the worse sleep positions is sleeping on your backside. This can lead to serious back pain. Also, note that sleeping on your stomach results in pressure building up in your back. So, side sleeping on your left is your sure bet to prevent back pain.

Better night rest for pregnant women 
Doctors strongly advise that pregnant women should always sleep on their left side because it helps prevents back pain, relieve pressure from the uterus and liver and ease the distribution of blood to the foetus and other parts of the body.

Combat snoring 
For perennial 'snorers', you can also try sleeping on your left side to fight or combat those sometimes disturbing and annoying snores. This position opens your airways by keeping your tongue and throat muscles in a neutral position.

Enhances brain performance 
According to research, sleeping on the left side helps the brain remove waste from the body thus preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s.


A study of factors related to fluoride retention after brushing confirms that there may be a relationship between fluoride retention and cavities. According to experts, mouth rinsing after brushing should be reduced to the maximum, to increase the benefits of fluoride retention.

Fluoride is the single-most important ingredient in toothpaste. It greatly helps oral health by strengthening the tooth enamel, making it more resistant to tooth decay. It also reduces the amount of acid that the bacteria on your teeth produce.

When you rinse your teeth with water immediately after brushing, the fluoride in the tooth paste does not spend much time in contact with the teeth. Therefore, it is important to let it work after you have already brushed your teeth.

It is best not to rinse immediately after brushing or to do so with a very small amount of water.

“Spit don’t rinse” is the message from the Oral Health Foundation as new research reveals many of us could be putting our oral health at risk by making the mistake of rinsing after we brush our teeth. By spitting toothpaste out then not rinsing with water it ensures that the fluoride found in the majority of toothpastes will remain on the teeth and continue to be effective.

This is a fairly common advice among dentists. Of course, it is not highly recommended to follow this practice for children who are still to lose their baby teeth. For adults, however, it is an excellent tip. Using a mouthwash with fluoride also prevents the appearance of cavities, although it is not necessary to use it instead of water.

Must Read: Am Very Sure You’ll Never Throw Eggshells Away Again After Reading This Post (Important)

Eggs belong to the group of most nutrition foods due to their rich protein, vitamin and mineral content. Statistically, an average person consumes about 150-300 eggs on annual level. Generally, people are not familiar with all the benefits of eggshells, so they usually end up in the garbage.
A chicken eggshell consists of about 96% calcium carbonate protein-bounded crystals. So, before you decide to throw away the eggshells in your trash, read the following beneficial uses of eggshells that you didn`t know about.

1. Fertilizer: If you want to add extra calcium to your composting, eggshells are the perfect choice for you. They have the ability to decompose very quickly due to their high surface area to volume ratio. There is no need to sterilize or grind them up. Simply throw them on the pile or in the compost bin.
Optionally, you can add your crushed eggshells directly in the bottom of the planting holes during spring.

In winter, you can spread around the eggshells over the land lot where you will plant the following spring. When the ground is warmed up, you can dig the shells in the soil. However, you can also clean and keep them until the upcoming planting season.

Adding extra calcium is especially beneficial for tomatoes and peppers because they are prone to calcium- deficiency.

2. Pest-Deterrent: Crumble the eggshells and sprinkle them around the plants in order to protect them from slugs and snails. The shells have sharp edges which damage the sensitive foot of the land mollusk, preventing them from crossing the barrier.

3. Seed-starter Pots: Due to their quick decomposition ability, eggshells can serve as perfect seed-starter pots. Do the following procedure: when you break the egg to remove the content, make sure you make just a small hole at the pointier end of the shell.

Clean the inside of the egg with boiling water. Next, puncture a small hole which later will be used for drainage. Then, put them in the carton, add moist potting soil into each shell, and finally add the seeds. Once the pots are outgrown, transfer them into bigger pots or out in the garden.
4. Feed the Birds: Generally, mother birds need to be fed on extra calcium and eggshells are the perfect natural source of this mineral. Bake them at 250°F / 120°C for about ten minutes in order to sterilize them.

Stop baking when they are completely dry, but not brown on the inside. Next, crumble the eggshells and put them in a feeder or on the ground during spring or summer season. Alternately, mix your crumbled eggshells with suet, mealworms and birdseed in already existing birdfeeder. This is also a good way to prevent insect pests as well. 

5. Repel Deer: If you want to chase away deer, again eggshells are here to help you. Simply sprinkle some eggshells around the plants they enjoy eating and your problem is solved. Deer cannot stand the smell of albumin and run away from any area that has raw egg smell. However, this method can attract smaller vermin rodents which feed on eggs, so be careful.

6. Aesthetic Value: Ground eggshells can also be used for aesthetic purposes as well. Namely, you can sterilize your shells by boiling them, crumble and then place them in a large glass jar. Finally, scatter them around your garden and between your plants. By doing so, you will have beautifully-ornamented garden, protected from pests and well-supplied with calcium.

MUST READ: Six (6) Major Ways Most Matured Men Are Killing Their Sperm, But They Dont Know

Many factors contribute but damaged sperm is a major reason for many a couple’s infertility issues. In many cases, the man’s tool may be the reason for losing the childbearing war…

More and more men are finding it hard to produce these days.

It is not that they are not sweating enough, or that they are “unhealthy”, but something is wrong.
Though other factors contribute, damaged sperm is a major reason for many a couple’s infertility issues.
In many cases, the man’s weapon may be the reason for losing the childbearing war…
Researchers have shown that a man’s lifestyle can affect the quality and quantity of his sperm, hence fertility issues.
Anyway, here are some ways men unwittingly cause the damage: 
Always carrying a phone in the front pocket. Studies have shown that there is the radiation a mobile phone emits so close to the scrotal area causes as much a 9% drop in live sperm per semen sample. So it better to hold the phone or carry it in a case or, at worse, the back pocket.
Leaving stress unattended to. A man who is always stressed, maybe due to overworking, is inadvertently killing his swimmers.
Every body function, including sperm production, is affected by stress. Researchers found out that men with anxiety issues tend to have abnormally shaped sperm and sperm with mobility issues. Now, an immobile sperm is useless because they have to swim far to marry an egg fr conception.
Drinking too much. Alcohol is a big enemy of sperm. In fact, the British Medical Journal suggests that having as little as five drinks (alcohol) weekly can ‘adversely affect’ to semen quality. 
Smoking too much. Blowing the smoke always has a negative impact on sperm quality. However, a researcher says, once a man quits, his system immediately starts generating healthier sperm.


Many women have a busy schedule so that they don’t have enough time to take care of their skin, hair, lips or feet. These tips will surely help you as the treatments should be applied overnight and are perfect for those who cannot find enough time during the day. So these treatments start to act while you sleep because when you sleep the body is still active- it rejuvenates and repairs its cells. These beauty tricks will make you feel as a princess.
Avoid unruly hair
Do you know that long hair is damaged while we sleep? Turning and tossing in the bed damages the hair and it causes knots and breakage. If you want to avoid this, use satin pillowcases not the cotton ones. The satin is more slippery which will surely help. Michael Van Clark, a celebrity hairstylist from London recommends to make loos braid if you have knots in your hair- your hair will look prettier in the morning with loose waves.

Remove wrinkles
Sleeping masks are proven to be more effective than anti-wrinkle serums. They act overnight. So, just apply the mask after applying the moisturizer. The mask should be rich in elasticity-building cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid. The both components will hydrate your skin while you sleep.
Smoothen dry feet

This amazing and simple recipe is quite effective against dry and cracked heels: Apply some Vaseline on the feet and put on cotton socks. Then go to bed. In this way the Vaseline will be absorbed more easily into the skin. This treatment is considered to be one of the most effective beauty treatments.
Moisturized lips

Almond oil will help you have beautiful lips. Apply the oil on your lips and go to sleep. In the morning you will wake up with smooth and soft lips.

Soft cuticle 
 Before going to sleep, apply coconut oil on the cuticles to soften them. Coconut oil will keep themmoisturized and will make your nails stronger.

Glowing skin
If you want to have glowing skin, apply vitamin E oil before the night cream and go to bed. You can massage the skin with olive oil as well. You should apply the treatment every night before going to bed.

Eliminate pimples
Pimples are unpleasant sight. But you can put some toothpaste on the pimples before going to bed and in the morning they will be almost gone. Use toothpaste not some gel.

Grow eyelashes

There are various serums for eyelash growth but they are usually too expensive and often not effective. Castor oil is completely natural and can help. Apply it before going to bed. Just put some oil with a q-tip along the top lash line. The results will be visible after eight weeks!

Soft hands
Exfoliating scrub for hands can be made of olive oil and brown sugar. After applying it, put some vitamin E oil and massage the hands. Put on gloves and go to bed- in the morning your hands will look younger than before.

Checkout The Most Effective Foods to Cleanse your Dirty Lungs (Based On Proper Research)

Needless to say, our lungs are a very important organ. It is through them that our breaths are powered. Consequently our lungs are also sucking in harmful elements from the air around us. Thus it is important that we choose foods to cleanse our lungs, so as to reduce common lung diseases that may result as a result of this inhalation.

Respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and cystic fibrosis are just some of the diseases we need to avoid. Thanks to regular exercises, trying to avoid pollution and not smoking, many people manage to avoid these diseases.

Garlic has also been considered by many as being effective in improving asthma and can help to reduce the risk of lung cancer.
2. Gingerginger :- will help to clear your lungs thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can add ginger to various dishes as it is a widely used herb. You can also use it to prepare ginger root tea blended with some lemon. This helps a great deal to remove toxins from the respiratory tract.

3. Turmeric – just like ginger and garlic, this spice is great for your lungs due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Apples – apples contain various vitamins as well as flavonoids that can help maintain a healthy respiratory system. They also help to prevent the development of different lung diseases.

In order to succeed even further in this endeavour, it is also important to maintain a healthy diet. There are some foods which are great for good lung health. Let us discuss some of them in more detail.
Best food to cleanse your lungs in a natural way:

1. Garlic :– garlic has various anti-inflammatory properties along with a high level of allicin. This helps to fight infections and reduces inflammation.

5. Dark Berries –berries such as blackberries, blueberries and raspberries are rich in antioxidants. They help to reduce the risk of lung cancer as well as other infections and diseases.6. Grapefruit – this fruit is simply great as it contains a lot of lung supporting minerals and vitamins. If your lungs have been effected by carcinogens, grapefruit will help to cleanse your lungs.

7. Pomegranates – this fruit contains a lot of good properties. It can slow down the development of various lung issues.